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“Jimmy’s Story”

“Every musician in America should see this film.” Faust Pierfederici

 ”Billy Yeager is not dead. His film, so full of life, is proof of that.” New Times Broward-Palm Beach

“An outstanding film that is a remarkable achievement, I can’t imagine how much work went into this very personal original film.” Awards ceremony at The Palm Beach International Film Festival

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“A Perfect Song”

“This film has real charms, what’s great is the sincerity of a creative obsessive character playing a creative obsessive character musing about God and creativity. There are scenes of Lloyd producing ambient music in his gadget studio, plus delightful local color, including Florida fauna and a sympathetic tour of the legendary Coral Castle.”
Delray Beach Film Festival, 2004

“The Highwaymen Documentary”

In the early 1990’s an interest in “outsider art,” or art which is created by artists who are outside mainstream society, developed in the art world and in 1995 an article was written for a journal by Jim Fitch who coined the group the “Highwaymen” because of their tactics of traveling I-95 and A1A to sell their artwork.  Not long after this, the New York Times wrote an article on the Florida Highwaymen and two books on the group were published, causing the value of Florida Highwaymen art to skyrocket.

In 1999 Billy Yeager began to seek out all the existing Highwaymen, including many that were not mentioned in the books that were published, and he made a film documentary about them.

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